Matriculating in
# Entering with
# Whose Conditional
Scholarships Have
Since Been Reduced
or Eliminated
2015 136 43 (27 Reduced; 16 Eliminated
2014 138 68
2013 86 35
2012 50 23

In the 2015 entering class, 146 first-year students received scholarships, and 136 of those were conditional scholarships.  Renewal of the 136 scholarships in the second year was contingent on the student being in either the top 50% or the top 33 1/3% of their class at the conclusion of the first year.  We anticipated that 50-55% of the 136 would meet their condition.  In fact, 75%  retained their scholarship in the second year.  In addition the 136, 10 received scholarships that renewed on the basis of good academic standing. Without good academic standing, a student may not continue to be enrolled.

In the entering class of 2016, 162 first-year students received scholarships, 33 for which renewal is conditioned on the student being the top 50% of their class.  We anticipate that 50-55% of those conditional awards will renew next year.  One hundred twenty nine scholarships continue as long as the student remains in good academic standing. The average award for conditional scholarships was $21,665. The average award for the other scholarships was $27,586.