André Zancanaro Queiroz, Brazil

Languages: English and Portuguese

André Zancanaro Queiroz is originally from Tangará da Serra, Mato Grosso State, Brazil, and completed his Bachelor of Laws degree at South Mato Grosso Federal University, in Campo Grande, Brazil. Mr. Queiroz also completed his Master of Laws at Catholic University of Brasilia and is currently pursuing a PhD in Laws at Brasilia University Center, both universities located in Brasilia, Brazil. He has worked for nine years as tax attorney and three years as university professor in Mato Grosso and Brasilia. He is joining Scalia Law School at George Mason University this fall 2018 to pursue his LL.M. in Law & Economics. He plans to incorporate the concepts he learns at Scalia Law into his PhD dissertation in Brazil. His hobbies are fighting taekwondo, trekking and sightseeing.

Tasnuva Shelley, Bangladesh

Languages: English, Bangla, and Hindi

Barrister Tasnuva Shelley is originally from Bangladesh. She completed her Bachelor of Laws degree from University of London in the United Kingdom. She was called by the Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, for completing her Bar-at-Law Degree from City Law School, London. Since 2006 Ms. Shelley worked both as corporate counsel for multinational companies and also as licensed legal practitioner in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. She worked pro-bono as “Your Advocate” for the law & rights column of the Daily Star newspaper, one of the largest circulated newspapers of the country. She has been the legal expert for, a platform for empowering women and children by giving free legal advice.

Ms. Shelley is joining Scalia Law School at George Mason University this fall 2018 to pursue her LL.M. studies in Law & Economics. She loves travelling and discovering new places. She moved to Virginia with her 4 year old son.

Judge Li Zhu, People’s Republic of China

Languages: Mandarin Chinese and English

Judge Li Zhu is a Judge at the Intellectual Property Tribunal, Supreme People’s Court (SPC), People’s Republic of China. He has served as a judge for nearly 10 years, and has tried many cases on intellectual property and antitrust and drafted several judicial interpretations of SPC on IP and antitrust law. Judge Li Zhu is an expert at the China State Intellectual Property Office and adjunct professor of Beijing University of Science and Engineering. He earned his Masters Degree and PhD from Peking University. Before joining SPC, he was an associate professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology. He is the author of two books and published more than 40 articles on intellectual property law and antitrust law. Judge Li Zhu is enthusiastic to join George Mason’s LL.M. program in Law & Economics this fall 2016 as he believes it will be helpful for his career.

Mr. Nobutaka Yasui, Japan

Languages: Japanese and English

Mr. Nobutaka Yasui is originally from Kyoto, Japan and completed his Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree at The University of Tokyo Faculty Of Law. After law school he worked for six years on legal and policy issues regarding industry regulation. He is joining Scalia Law School at George Mason University this fall 2016 to pursue his LL.M. studies in Law & Economics. He is interested in economically efficient markets.

Ms. Wan Yu, Kan (Ellie), Taiwan

Languages: Taiwanese, Mandarin Chinese, and English

Ms. Wan Yu, Kan (Ellie) completed her Bachelor of Financial and Economic Law degree from Chun Yuan University in Taiwan, where she is originally from. After her senior year in college, she earned a scholarship to be an exchange student at Wright State University in Ohio for two semesters, which she reports was a great experience. Ms. Kan is a LL.M. student in Law and Economics at Scalia Law School, George Mason University. Her interests include knowing different cultures and meeting people from all over the world. She has many international friends and has been traveling around the world. She enjoys reading and watching movies. She is new to the D.C. area and is looking forward to meeting new friends here.