Today’s market demands law graduates with superior legal training and a solid foundation of professional skills and workplace savvy. Regardless of whether students are launching or advancing already distinguished careers in law, policy, or business, Scalia Law students experience a variety of Leadership & Professional Development (L&PD) programs, for-credit courses, and activities. Students can customize their professional and leadership skills training as they progress from the first-year into their upper class years.

Upon completion of a select number of programs in their first year of law school, students receive a Certificate of L&PD Training. In their upper class years, students who go onto to complete additional training may receive a Certificate of Advanced L&PD Training.


  • Institutions of American Law
  • Oral Communication: Succeed in Making Your Point
  • Professionalism & Ethics
  • Professionalism with the Virginia State Bar
  • Alumni Connection Program
  • Professional Headshots
  • Time Management Training
  • The Legal Profession: Writing Under Pressure
  • Advocacy for Transactional Lawyers
  • Mock Interviews
  • Communications Coaching
  • Client Development Skills
  • Law Firm Economics
  • Navigating Your Future in the Diverse World of Law
  • Etiquette Dinner

*Some events are recurring; other events change each semester.

Current Students

If you complete eight L&PD activities in your first year, you will receive a Certificate of L&PD Training. Programs, courses, and activities that are part of the overall L&PD program are marked, and you can check your participation rate by logging into your Symplicity account and checking your profile.

If you continue participating in the L&PD program in your upper-class years, you may earn a Certificate of Advanced Training.


Alumni Connection Program: Expanding the Network

Joseph Panella, IV ‘19:

I can’t imagine a better fit. [My alumni connection and I] had a great discussion this morning, and I know I will benefit greatly from his insights and guidance as I formulate my path forward. You guys did an awesome job!

Virginia State Bar Professionalism Program

Angelica Lao ‘19:

For me, this event did more than just alert us to the rules of professionalism and requirements for admission to the bar. The insights I received underscored the understanding that the law really is a “healing profession," and I went home that night inspired to become a lawyer who upholds that belief to my best ability. It was also an incredible opportunity to meet and learn from experienced lawyers and judges so early on in my legal career.

Navigating Your Future in the Diverse World of Law, with The Virginia Women Attorneys Association and Women’s Bar Association of D.C.

Theresa Dalmut ‘19:

The Virginia Women Attorneys Association and Women’s Bar Association of D.C. provided a captivating panel with a unique prospective on furthering your legal career.

Time Management for the Workplace

Jesse Nejberger ‘19:

The session made me think about where my time is going, and it gave me tips I can implement during law school and in my legal career.