Scalia Spotlights

Scalia Law Celebrates Some of Its Alumnae

Terrica Carrington Katherine A. Crytzer Melissa Long Colleen Duffy Kiko Cara Putman Brandy Wagstaff

George Mason’s Mason Scalia Law celebrates Women’s History Month by honoring those alumnae who have blazed the trail in law for the next generation. In one generation, once-rare women law students are now 50% of our law school’s student population. These students look to graduates, like the women featured here, for guidance on what they can expect after law school. What they see are women who have shattered the glass ceiling, whose lives reflect a sky-is-the-limit success. These women are not just good lawyers; they are good citizens. As lawyers, teachers, writers, jurists, and advocates, they strive to make their communities—and our world—a better place. They are great role models for our students.

Terrica Carrington (’16)

Terrica Carrington
Terrica Carrington

Copyright Counsel with the Copyright Alliance, a Washington, DC-based organization representing the copyright interests of creators across the United States

Adjunct professor at Scalia Law School, where she assists with the Arts & Entertainment Advocacy Clinic

Katherine A. Crytzer (’09)

Katherine A. Crytzer
Katherine A. Crytzer

Federal district judge for the Eastern District of Tennessee

Former acting deputy assistant attorney general at the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Policy

Colleen Duffy Kiko (’86)

Colleen Duffy Kiko
Colleen Duffy Kiko

Served as FLRA (Federal Labor Relations Authority) Chairman from 2017 until January 21, 2021

Recipient of the George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School Distinguished Alumni Award

Worked in the FLRA’s predecessor agency, the Labor Management Services Administration of the Department of Labor (DOL)

When the FLRA opened its doors on January 1, 1979, she began work in the Washington Regional Office investigating unfair labor practices.

Served as an ECAB (Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board) Judge from 2002 through 2005.

Served in the Justice Department as an attorney advisor in the Civil Rights Division and as a Special Assistant to the U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of Virginia

Melissa Long (’95)

Melissa Long

Sworn in January 11, 2021, as Rhode Island’s first Supreme Court Justice of African descent

Former administrator for policy and government relations at the Rhode Island Department of Transportation

Cara Putman (’01)

Cara Putman
Cara Putman

Graduating from George Mason University Scalia Law (GMUSL) cum laude — definite high point! It pushed my brain so much more than my MBA. I was also one of the first two students accepted into the Department of Justice Honors Program.

Promoted to Senior Lecturer in Law and Ethics at Purdue University’s School of Management in the fall. I teach graduate and undergraduate students and also oversee the Honors Program at Krannert.

Published author of 34 books — one of which (Flight Risk) was #1 on the Amazon Legal Thriller list this weekend next to John Grisham’s A Time for Mercy at #2.

Married to my husband for 25 years and we have four AMAZING kids, the oldest of whom is in the yearbook for my GMUSL class.

#2 in my MBA class — My only business classes in undergrad were statistics and micro-economics, so I’m pretty proud of doing that well almost 20 years after my undergrad degree in political science. Study groups are the best, as are supportive families!

Brandy Wagstaff (’09)

Brandy Wagstaff
Brandy Wagstaff

Magna cum laude graduate of George Mason University School of Law

Joined the Mason Law faculty in the fall of 2009. An adjunct professor, she regularly teaches Appellate Writing (LRWA III), Appellate Advocacy, and Disability Law

Legal Counsel for Litigation in the Criminal Section’s Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit (HTPU) at the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division

Former attorney with the Civil Rights Division’s Disability Rights Section, where she engaged in litigation and developed regulations to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act