Supreme Court Sluggers: Samuel A. Alito of the Philadelphia Phillies and Marvin Miller of the MLBPA


The Green Bag’s Justice Samuel Alito trading card displays two of the established features of a Supreme Court Sluggers card: (1) imagery on the front, in the form of a portrait of the Justice in a sporting environment dotted with entertaining details, and (2) facts on the back, in the form of numbers – and a few words, if there is enough space – relating to the Justice’s work. The Alito card has a couple of additional features that will, I hope, appear from time to time on future cards as well: (1) facts on the front, in the form of numbers relating to the Justice’s own involvement in sports, and (2) imagery on the back, in the form of graphics that make it easier to make sense of some of the judicial statistics. I review all four of these features below, and then conclude with a note about a special-edition Marvin Miller Sluggers card we put out last year.