Classroom Technology


Hazel Hall has six large, fully-equipped electronic classrooms (120, 121, 221, 225, 329, 332) that contain custom podiums with a built-in computer. Each podium is equipped with touch panel controls for computer projection, document camera, speakers, wireless microphones, a podium microphone, ceiling microphones, cameras, laptop hook-ups, and full Zoom capability. 

There are seven smaller seminar rooms (222, 224, 347, 348, 412, 432C, and 433A) that are outfitted with technology including a smaller podium with a built-in computer, computer projector, laptop hook-ups, ceiling microphones, cameras, and Zoom capability. Rooms 224, 348, 412 and 432C also have document cameras. In addition, there are two seminar rooms in the Law Library (250 and 350). Both have built-in technology and room 250 also has Zoom capability. There is a fully-outfitted conference room with video conferencing and Zoom capability next to the Deans Suite (215) that is used primarily for special events and internal meetings.

See a detailed description of each classroom below.

Classroom Capture and Recording

The law school has a classroom capture system installed in rooms 120, 121, 215, 225, and 332 that enables faculty to record and stream video of their lectures, along with content (such as a PowerPoint) from the podium computer or a laptop. Faculty can also use special capture software on their personal computers or laptops to record a presentation for later viewing by students. Student organizations and law school departments can use the class capture system to record and stream their workshops and other events. For more information see Classroom Capture: Echo360.


There are two courtrooms that contain technology: the Trial Courtroom (122) and the Win Whittaker Appellate Courtroom (123). Both courtrooms have video and audio recording equipment as well as podiums with computers, laptop connections and touch panel controls.  Courtroom 122 also has a document camera. 

Use of the courtrooms is restricted to law school classes and events sponsored by the Moot Court Board and the Trial Advocacy Association. Student organization leaders must sign access agreements to use the courtrooms outside of classes: Trial Courtroom Access Agreement and Appellate Courtroom Access Agreement .

For more information, contact Carlos Sandoval, Associate Director of Instructional and Classroom Technology Services, Room 352, [email protected] or 703-993-8261.

Classroom Descriptions with List of Equipment

Below are links to each classroom containing a detailed description of the technology and photographs of the seating areas.

Large Classrooms Seminar Rooms Conference Rooms Courtrooms
Hazel Hall 120 Hazel Hall 222 Hazel Hall 215 Trial Courtroom 122
Hazel Hall 121 Hazel Hall 224   Appellate Courtroom 123
Hazel Hall 221 Hazel Hall 347    
Hazel Hall 225 Hazel Hall 348    
Hazel Hall 332 Hazel Hall 412    
Hazel Hall 329 Hazel Hall 432C    
  Hazel Hall 433A    
  Law Library 250    
  Law Library 350    

Assistance with Classroom Technology

The University’s Classroom Support department provides routine support and troubleshooting of the equipment in the six large classrooms and three of the seminar rooms (224, 347, 348, and 412). Faculty who need help with the equipment during their classes should call University Classroom Support at 703-993-8226. University Classroom Support staff are generally on duty during the following hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am-10:30 pm and Saturday - Sunday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm (closed Sundays in the summer). There are campus-only phones located adjacent to the podiums in most of these classrooms that can be used to call University Classroom Support staff for help.

For training and specialized help, including assistance with audio or video recording, please contact Carlos Sandoval, Associate Director of Instructional and Classroom Technology Services, Room 362 of the Law Library, 703-993-4855 or [email protected]. Carlos also provides assistance with the courtrooms and several of the rooms that are not generally supported by University Classroom Support  (215, 222, and 432C).

Room Reservations

Members of the Scalia Law School community may reserve a room in Hazel Hall, by contacting [email protected]. To determine if a room is available, go to the Events Calendar and "Filter" by room number (please note that access to this calendar requires a GMU email login and password). Groups outside of the law school should contact the Van Metre Hall events team at [email protected].