MasonLive, powered by Microsoft Office 365, is the official e-mail system for students at Mason.

New students must first set-up their MasonLive account by following the 1st Login Instructions. There is also an Account Set-up Checklist that provides additional guidance.

After setting-up a new account, you may login to your account in the following ways:

  1. Through the MasonLive web site: Go to and click on MasonLive. Enter your full and your MasonLive Microsoft Password (which may be different from your Patriot Pass password)
  2. Through the Outlook web site: You can also access your MasonLive account directly through the Outlook web site at You will need to type in your full email address ( and your MasonLive Microsoft password (this is not necessarily your Patriot Pass password).
  3. Through your mobile device: If you would like to add your account to your mobile device or email client you can visit Microsoft's set-up wizard for step by step directions. When configuring your account you must use your full email address ( and your MasonLive Microsoft Password.

MasonLive offers:

E-Mail Address

All e-mail sent from your MasonLive account will have this address: However, you should use this address on your business cards and resumes:

Using MasonLive with Outlook 

The university has detailed instructions on how to set up Office 365 on different versions of Outlook and on the web in their Knowledge Base. Please note that your login name will be, and your password will be your Microsoft password.

Using MasonLive with Mobile Devices

MasonLive supports POP and IMAP standards and can be pulled into mobile devices. See the following instructions: Adding Your MasonLive Account to a Mobile Device or E-mail Client. Please note that your login name will be, and your password will be your Microsoft personal password. 

Mail Forwarding

You may choose to forward your account via a rule in MasonLive (this can be found under the gear icon). Be aware that your Mason email may get caught and eliminated by the spam filters used by the receiving account. For information on setting up a rule, see Use Rules to Automatically Forward Messages.

Spam Filtering

All email sent to you at will continue to be filtered by IronPort and you will continue to receive daily digests. You can also configure your MasonLive account to provide junk filtering. For more information, see Overview of the Junk Email Filter.


For problems with your MasonLive e-mail, please contact the ITS Support Center at 703-993-8870 or For general questions about MasonLive, you can also contact, call 703-993-4855 or visit the staff in room 362 of the Law Library (weekdays, 9am-8pm).

A Knowledge Base has been prepared by the ITS staff.