Full Time Faculty

Alden, Leslie
Alvaré, Helen
Bernstein, David
Boardman, Michelle
Buckley, Francis
Butler, Henry
  • Butler, Henry
  • George Mason University Foundation Professor of Law and Executive Director of the Law & Economics Center
  • (703) 993-8644
  • hnbutler@gmu.edu
  • Room 433D
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Byrne, James
Chiang, Tun-Jen
Chorvat, Terrence
Claeys, Eric
Cohen, Lloyd
Davies, Ross
Eagle, Steven
Geradin, Damien
Ginsburg, Douglas
Greve, Michael
Hazlett, Thomas
Hutchison, Harry
Johnsen, D. Bruce
Kobayashi, Bruce
Krauss, Michael
Lerner, Craig
Lund, Nelson
Malcolm, Joyce
McCabe, Kevin
Mossoff, Adam
  • Mossoff, Adam
  • Professor of Law and Co-Director of Academic Programs and Senior Scholar of the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property
  • (703) 993-9577
  • amossoff@gmu.edu
  • Room 319
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Muris, Timothy
Neff, Laurie Forbes
  • Neff, Laurie Forbes
  • Director, Clinic for Legal Assistance to Servicemembers
  • (703) 993-8179
  • lneff@gmu.edu
  • Room 430
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Newman, Christopher
Parker, Jeffrey
Perkins, Rachelle Holmes
Polsby, Daniel
Rabkin, Jeremy
Rao, Neomi
Sales, Nathan
Sanderson, Kari
  • Sanderson, Kari
  • Director, Second Year Legal Research, Writing, and Analysis Program
  • (703) 993‐9158
  • ksander5@gmu.edu
  • Room 433BA
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Schleicher, David
Schum, David
  • Schum, David
  • Professor of Law
  • (703) 993-8061
  • Room 433O
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Somin, Ilya
Sturiale, Jennifer
Treyger, Elina
Verret, J.W.
Wright, Joshua
Yeh, Susan
Zywicki, Todd