In the event of inclement weather, we will place information about the law school and library operating hours and classes in three places:

  • There will be a notice on e-mail through the "lawnews" listserv.
  • There will be information posted on the law school web site.  
  • The information will be posted on the law school main telephone number 703-993-8000.

We will try to have the decision made and posted at all three places before 6:45 AM for morning closures, and by 4:15 PM for evening closures.

Please note – Law school closings are not part of the University “Mason Alert” e-mail system. While the Law School will often follow the University on closing decisions, sometimes it does not. So, it is imperative that you check one of the above three places for the most accurate information concerning the law school and law library's opening or closing.

In the event that there is a power outage in Arlington, the best source of information will be the media announcements or assuming the telephone is working, the telephone message at 703-993-8000.

In all instances of bad weather, leave additional time to arrive safely at your destination.


  • If the announcement indicates that the law school is closed, no one is required to report for work or classes.
  •  If the law school is to open, but the term 'essential personnel are to report no later than ……,' then those employees who have been designated by their supervisor as 'essential' must report for work. 
  • If the law school is to open, but the term 'liberal leave policy is in effect' is used, essential employees must report for work. All non-essential employees who choose not to report for work will be required to take annual leave for the period of work they miss. 

If you have questions about these procedures, please ask your supervisor or contact Karen Newman, Director of Administrative Services 703-993-8047.