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Notice from Parking Services:

The Truland Building garage and surface paking lot are no longer available for use by George Mason faculty and staff as of June 30.

Parking Options for Faculty/Staff are as follows:

Founders Hall Garage Reserved Faculty/Staff parking permits are offered using Payroll Deduction (currently $25/pay period projected to go down to $20.83/pay period) or can be purchased annually. This parking permit guarantees you a parking space in the Founders Hall Garage. The Founders Hall Reserved Faculty/Staff parking permit is $600 annually and we project the price to drop to $500 for the 2014 academic year. There is a $25 refundable deposit required for the access device (hands free transponder).

Metropolitan Building (previously Foundation Building) Faculty/Staff General area parking permits are offered using Payroll Deduction (currently $12.50/pay period projected to go up to $13.96/pay period) or can be purchased annually. Faculty/Staff General area parking permits will be valid in all non-restricted Mason designated areas of the Metropolitan Garage (3434 Washington Boulevard) on a first come, first served basis. Additionally, we will designate a group of parking spaces for Mason Faculty/Staff only until 5P Monday – Friday on garage level B-3. The access device (proximity card) to the Foundation Garage can be obtained from the Arlington Parking Services office located in Room 219 of the Founders Hall Building.

Arlington Parking Services office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:30AM to 6:00PM and Friday from 8:30AM to 3:00PM. The email for the Arlington Parking Services office is and the phone number is (703) 993-8146.

Parking Options for Students, Faculty & Staff

Founders Hall Parking Deck

  • The Founders Hall Parking Deck is a reserved parking garage that guarantees all Founders Hall permit holders a parking space in that structure. Founders Hall permits will also be valid in the non-restricted spaces of the general permit areas on both the Fairfax and Prince William campuses. The Founders Hall permits are not valid in the Metropolitan Building (Foundation) Parking Deck.
  • The Founders Hall Parking Deck requires the use of a unique electronic access device, so once you purchase your permit, you will need to visit the Arlington Parking Services’ office to obtain the device.
  • To access the Founders Hall garage, use the alley behind Founders Hall, turning off either Kirkwood Drive (between Hazel Hall and Truland Building) or Washington Boulevard at the traffic signal between Giant and GMU Foundation Building (come down the hill and go past the GMUF garage and the Original Building loading dock).

Metropolitan Building Garage (previously Foundation Building)

  • An Arlington Faculty/Staff/Student general permit and access card are required to park in the George Mason University Foundation Building (GMUF). You can obtain an access card from the Parking Services Office located in Founders Hall, Room 219. Arlington’s faculty, staff and student community are entitled to 312 parking spaces in the Foundation Building before 6:00pm, and 550 spaces after 6:00pm. A general permit does not guarantee space in the Metropolitan garage.
  • For those driving directly to the Foundation Building parking garage it is recommended that you approach the garage from the north on Washington Blvd. so you can make a right turn into the entrances.  If you are driving on Fairfax Drive from I-66, you can make a left at Quincy St. (the Arlington Funeral Home sign is on the corner) and then make a right onto Washington Blvd. across from Washington and Lee High School.  It is best to use the entrance closest to Giant by turning right at the traffic light rather than use the entrance in the alley by the Truland Building.

Visitor Parking

Founders Hall Garage

  • Visitor parking is now open.The rates are set at the prevailing rates for all University visitor garages. Currently the rates are $3/hour with a daily maximum of $14 Monday-Friday. After 5pm on Fridays and all day on Saturday and Saunday, there is a flat daily rate of $7. Payment methods accepted: cash, coin, Visa/Mastercard, and Founders Hall validations. 

Metropolitan Building Garage (Foundation)

  • Visitor parking allowed only with advanced permission from Parking Services at all times. One may not park in the GMU leased spaces and pay the hourly rate. The hourly rates only apply to the retail business spaces such as for Mala Tang.
  • Please contact Parking Services at for information on requesting visitor parking.

Event Parking

Event parking is arranged with the Events Management office in conjunction with Parking Services. Please contact Events Management (3-8140) or Parking Services (3-8146 or for information on meeting your event needs. Organizations can purchase validations from Parking Services for their guests. The validation request form can be found at

Special Parking

  • Disabled Parking Available in each parking facility. Vehicle must display BOTH a valid DMV disabled permit (tag or placard) and a valid Mason parking permit (or payment required). DMV permits alone are not valid for parking in campus parking areas or lots.
  • Motorcycle Parking Available on B3 level of Founders Hall garage. Must park in designated motorcycle parking areas.
  • Fuel Efficient Vehicle Preferred Parking There are referred parking spaces in Founders Hall and the Metropolitan Building for eligible vehicles. A free supplemental fuel-efficient vehicle permit is required to park in these spaces. For more info go to
  • Carpool Parking There are some preferred faculty/staff carpool spaces in each facility, requiring a free supplemental carpool permit. For information on registering go to
  • Administrative Parking Permits To request an Arlington Administrative permit for your department, send your request to


A Metro train approaches the platformThe Virginia Square stop is less than 2 blocks from campus.  At the Fairfax campus, you can take the CUE bus or the Mason to Metro Shuttle to the Vienna Metro station and then take the Orange Line to the Virginia Square stop. Check the Mason Shuttles website at for more information.

Parking Fees

The Arlington Parking Services Office is located in Founder's Hall, Room 219. All permits can be purchased online. Faculty/staff wishing to use payroll deduction purchase option, use form here. Regular hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 10:00am - 7:00pm; Fridays 10:00am - 4:00pm.


Metropolitan Building (Foundation Building): Annual: $335.00
Founders Hall: Annual: $500/year (or daytime only/evening only pass: $425/year).

For more information, see

Contact Information

Office of Parking Services Web Site
Arlington Campus Parking Services Office: (703) 993-8146
Campus Operations Coordinator: (703) 993-8140
University Police: (703) 993-8070/2810
Arlington Campus Information Services: (703) 993-8999
Arlington Campus Parking Office, Founders Hall, Room 219 (Operated by Standard Parking). 
Parking Office Hours: See: Arlington Campus Hours of Operation