Following is detailed information that provides answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions from applicants to the LLM program at George Mason School of Law. We encourage all potential applicants to review materials on this page prior to contacting our office with questions. All of the most commonly asked questions about admission are found here.

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Can you tell me about your law school and LLM application process?

As a starting point, it is generally most useful for prospective LLM applicants to visit our website ( as well as the websites of other law schools in which they are interested. It is always better for us to talk with individuals about their unique situations and interests, rather than reciting information readily available on the web. Likewise, reviewing the general information and general FAQs posted often helps prospective LLM applicants formulate specific questions that are most important to them. 

Intellectual Property LLM

This degree is designed for attorneys who intend to practice in the fields of patent, copyright, and trademark law. The curriculum in the Intellectual Property LLM program includes courses covering every aspect of intellectual property law, from basic courses in patent, copyright, and trademark, to enforcement, litigation and dispute resolution, among others.

 Law and Economics LLM

George Mason University School of Law is one of the nation’s leading centers for the study of law and economics. During the past 15 years, George Mason has assembled a distinctive, interdisciplinary faculty, many of whom hold doctorates in economics, philosophy, political science or related fields. The LLM Degree in Law & Economics provides an opportunity to develop an expertise in the skills of economic analysis as they are applied to a variety of legal settings.

General Admissions Information/Application Process

Our LLM application, along with detailed instructions, is available through LSAC. If you have questions about the admissions process, you should contact the Admissions Office at or (703) 993-8010.

How many LLM applications do you receive? How many applicants do you accept?

The number of LLM applications varies dramatically from year to year. More importantly, the number of admission offers also varies and depends on academic and professional records. Like our JD admissions process, our LLM admissions process is competitive. We are looking for students who are a good fit for our specialized programs. Enrollment in the LLM program is limited to ensure that each LLM student receives individual attention.

What is George Mason's application deadline?

Our application deadline for a fall start is May 15, and our application deadline for a spring start is December 15. All documents must be received by those dates.

After completing the LLM program, am I eligible to take a U.S. bar examination?

The LLM program offered by George Mason is not intended to prepare or qualify students who are not graduates of a U.S. law school to engage in practice of law in the U.S. or to qualify them to take a bar examination. However, completing additional coursework beyond what is required for the LLM in order to become bar eligible is possible. Click here for more information regarding foreign-trained attorney eligibility for U.S. bar examinations.

Full-Time and Part-Time Programs

George Mason offers both a full-time and part-time LLM enrollment. 

Students in the full-time program generally attend classes during the day (day classes are scheduled between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.). Students in the part-time program generally attend classes in the evenings (evening classes are scheduled between the hours of 6:00 and 10:00 p.m.) and take fewer classes.  However, full-time students may register for evening classes, and part-time students may register for day classes.

Is it easier to gain transfer admission to the part-time program?

No. Our admission standards are the same for the full-time and part-time programs.

How many credit hours are required?

In order to earn an LLM at George Mason, students must successfully complete a total of 26 credit hours. Full-time students take 12-15 credit hours per semester; part-time students take 8-12 credit hours. 

Is there any provision for LLM of previously completed credit hours?

No transfer credits will be granted for LLM applicants. Exception: students who have received a JD from Mason.


Requirements to Be Considered for Admission

There are a number of requirements that you must satisfy in order to be considered for admission to our LLM program. Please be sure that you carefully review the instructions that accompany our application form, which is available through LSAC. You can view forms and information on our website.

What is the general application process for LLM students?

George Mason Law requires all LLM applicants to submit the Application for LLM and the following items:

  1. the application fee
  2. an official undergraduate transcript
  3. an official law school or equivalent transcripts
  4.  500-word statement
  5.  two letters of recommendation
  6. a resume
  7. complete the informal interview in-person at the George Mason University Arlington campus or remotely via Skype. The admissions office will contact applicants to schedule interviews when all other application documents have been received.

Internationally educated LLM students will need to submit either TOEFL or IELTS scores. Domestically educated JD holders must submit LSAT scores.

Please see our LLM How to Apply page for further details on the application process.

Completion of Law School Required

To be admitted to the program, applicants must possess a JD from an ABA-accredited law school or an equivalent degree from a law school or other experience outside the United States (U.S.) that is deemed acceptable by the director of the LLM program.  All applicants for admission must have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, high academic standing, and professional achievements or positions indicating the applicant's capacity for performing master's-level work.

In addition to transcripts from college or university level work and degrees, applicants must submit ONE of the following through the LSAC:

(a) An official law school transcript showing completion of a JD degree in the U.S.; or

(b) An official transcript (including grades) showing completion of a law degree in a country other than the U.S.*; or

(c) Other official proof of status as a lawyer in a country other than the U.S.*

Additional Requirements For Graduates of U.S. Law Schools


For graduates of U.S. law schools, documentation of LSAT scores or an attached copy of the Credential Assembly Service Law School Report, which can be obtained from the registrar of the degree-granting institution, is required.

Additional Requirement for Applicants with International Credentials

In addition to the Admission Requirements for All Applicants, George Mason Law requires the following additional items from applicants who have graduated with international credentials:

1. Register with LSAC's LLM Credential Assembly Service (LLM CAS)

Applicants who graduated from non-U.S. schools are required to register with LSAC's LLM Credential Assembly Service (  If you are admitted and matriculate, you will be required to provide original transcripts to the school, too.

2. English Proficiency

For applicants whose first language is not English, current TOEFL or IELTS scores showing sufficient proficiency in the English language are required. George Mason Law prefers a score of over 90 on the Internet-based (iBT) TOEFL or a score of over 6.5 on the IELTS to be competitive for admission to the program. Information for the TOEFL and IELTS can be found at and respectively. The George Mason Law Institution code is 5827. Please arrange to have an official TOEFL or IELTS score report sent to LSAC no later than May 15 for fall admission. Applicants must have taken the TOEFL or IELTS within two years of submitting their application. In addition to the TOEFL or IELTS, English proficiency will also be assessed in the mandatory interview.

3.  International Student Certificate of Financial Responsibility Form

If seeking F-1 immigration status, the international applicant must submit an International Student Certificate of Financial Responsibility Form (  Immigration documents required for international students studying full time in the U.S. will not be issued until the student has completed the form and returned it along with the identification page of the passport and supporting documents to:

George Mason University School of Law
Admissions Office
3301 Fairfax Drive, MS 1G3
Arlington, VA 22201

How many letters of recommendation are required?

We require two letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation must identify you as an LLM applicant.

Does George Mason require that letters of recommendation be submitted through the Law Services Letter of Recommendation Service?

Applicants may submit letters through the LSAC Letter of Recommendation Service, preferred, or directly to our Admissions Office, using the letter of recommendation form (be sure to scroll down the page until you reach the recommendation form).

May I submit a resume with my application?

Yes, a resume is required for LLM applicants.

Is there a preferred topic for the personal statement?

The applicant is required to submit a 500-word, double-spaced statement of educational and professional goals that will serve as both a statement of purpose and a writing sample. The thoughts and words of the 500-word statement must be uniquely those of the applicant.  With the exception of basic proofreading, no other(s) may assist in the creation of this statement.

My personal statement is longer than 500 words. Is that a problem?

We strongly prefer that you stay within the 500-word limit. However, we neither count words nor penalize applicants for overages. If your statement is 550 or 650 words, that's fine. If your statement is 2,000 words, you should try to rework it to get the word count closer to 500.


Other Helpful Information

Does George Mason give preference to Virginia applicants or to applicants from certain parts of the Commonwealth?

Applications are reviewed in their entirety, and admission offers are made to the most desirable candidates without regard to geographic distribution or residency.

Are Personal Interviews Required?

Yes, an informal interview is required as a part of the LLM admissions process. All applicants must complete an informal interview with the director of the LLM program. Interviews may take place in-person at the George Mason Arlington campus or remotely via Skype. Interviews will last between fifteen and thirty minutes and are informational in nature. The admissions office will contact applicants to schedule interviews once all other application documents have been received.

If an applicant completes an interview in-person on the Arlington campus, LLM applicants are welcome to visit the law school for a tour as well.

Must I disclose information about prior or pending criminal, disciplinary, or academic problems in my LLM application?

Yes. It is extremely important that you describe details of any criminal, disciplinary and/or academic actions in response to the Character and Fitness section questions of our LLM application. Failure to disclose this information can result in serious problems, both in relation to your law school application (we have revoked acceptances in the past in cases in which we learned of the applicant's failure to disclose information) and in applying for admission to the bar in any state. State boards of bar examiners will conduct character and fitness investigations to determine if you are fit for admission to the bar. Those investigations typically include criminal background checks, as well as review of your law school application, undergraduate record and law school record. It is critically important that your disclosures of the type of information requested in our Character and Fitness section questions be complete, truthful and consistent in your law school and bar applications.

Can I visit the law school and sit in on a class?

Applicants are welcome to visit our law school for a tour and class observation. Please check our web site at tour schedule.

If I am admitted to George Mason, how long will I have to decide if I will attend? Does George Mason require seat deposits?

If you are offered LLM admission to George Mason, you will be required to make a seat deposit of $500.00 within two weeks of admission, or as of April 1 for fall admissions, whichever comes later. You will not have access to the Career Services Office or be able to register for classes until your seat deposit and Intent to Enroll form are received and processed.

Are seat deposits credited toward tuition?

Yes. The seat deposits that you make prior to matriculating will be credited to your first semester tuition.

Are seat deposits refundable in whole or in part?

No. Seat deposits are completely non-refundable. If you make your seat deposit and subsequently decide that you will not attend George Mason, you will forfeit your seat deposit.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due on a semester basis, on the first day of each semester.

How much does it cost to attend the LLM program?

Full-time tuition for the 2015-2016 academic year is $25,351 for in-state residents, and $40,737 for out-of-state residents. For detailed information regarding cost, including part-time tuition rates and cost of living, please visit the Tuition and Costs page.

Is financial aid available?

George Mason students may receive loan funds. Government subsidized student loans are only available to US citizens and Permanent Residents. Admitted students work with the Office of Student Financial Aid to obtain loans. For more information, please go to

Are there any scholarships available?

George Mason has limited scholarship funds available for outstanding LLM applicants. No additional application materials are required to be considered for scholarships – all applicants are evaluated as potential scholarship candidates and scholarship offers are made on a rolling basis. We encourage all students to investigate community scholarships, many of which are identified on the law school's website.

Does George Mason offer in-state tuition rates for Virginians?

George Mason offers lower tuition rates for individuals domiciled in Virginia. For more detailed information about domicile, please visit

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