Online LLM in U.S. Law

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Our online LLM program meets the needs of foreign-trained lawyers seeking knowledge of U.S. Law and to improve their legal skillset.

Our program has courses specifically created for foreign lawyers and designed for flexibility, providing just what you need: a comprehensive overview of U.S. Law, in a format that allows you to stay in your home country and to balance your work and other commitments.

As a foreign trained lawyer, you can earn your U.S. Law LLM in less than one year – and all that is needed is a computer, an internet connection, and commitment. Lawyers will listen to lectures, complete course assignments, and take exams online, all on days or times most convenient for their schedule.

Students pay only $1,000 per credit in the online program.

Program Benefits

  • Improve legal skills without neglecting professional and personal commitments.
  • Enhance ability to meet the academic qualifications required to take a U.S. bar exam.* Our U.S. Law LLM curriculum meets the requirements for both the California and Washington State Bar exams.
  • Bolster academic credentials and stand out to prospective legal employers.
  • Improve career opportunities with law firms and corporations handling U.S. legal matters.
  • Effectively handle legal work outsourced from the U.S.
  • Earn a degree in as little as one year, or as long as three years.

*Every state has different requirements for its bar exam. Students interested in taking a U.S. bar exam should consult that state’s rules.


Students complete the program at their own pace – in an engaging, asynchronous environment. The program also accepts non-degree students who wish to take only one class.

Students can register for courses in August, January, and May for the upcoming two terms, which are comprised of 8-weeks each. We are now accepting applications, request more information today.

Online 24/7

All courses are offered in an asynchronous online format, including pre-recorded lectures, free online reading materials, practice quizzes or assessments, and discussion boards that “bring to life” the legal topics covered in the lectures.

To develop a personalized plan of courses based on your time-frame for finishing the LLM Degree, please contact

For more information about any of the courses, view Course Descriptions.

BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Preparation Discount Available

U.S. Law LL.M. students have access to the BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep Program for a discounted rate of $2,995. This opportunity ensures that each of our U.S. Law LLM. students has access to the resources they need to succeed on the bar exam. The Extended U.S. Bar Prep program is offered around the world, in the comfort of one’s own home. With BARBRI’s home study program, candidates may choose between a 6- or 10-month course option, depending on the time available for bar studies. Learn more, and contact us at: 703-214-5005 to enroll in your Extended U.S. Bar Prep today.