Our students share their experiences with the Online LLM in U.S. Law from Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University. Learn firsthand the difference this degree can make in your career.

Ryan M.

“I felt extremely honored to have been given the opportunity to pursue the Master of Laws (LLM) with an august organization such as George Mason University Law School.

The program has indeed provided me with the comprehensive knowledge of the United States legal system that I sought—and being an online program, it also provided the flexibility to manage both school and work at the same time.

In addition, the staff is extremely cordial, their services provided are invaluable, and their responses to my concerns were timely and sufficient. It has been an honor to have studied law at George Mason.”

-Ryan M., U.S. Law LLM Candidate 2020 State of Florida/Department of Business & Professional Regulations

Sara J.

“The LLM in U.S. Law at GMU has been instrumental in providing me with the learning of actionable legal principles, statutory rules, and seminal case law to successfully prepare for the California Bar. The LLM offers a comprehensive curriculum spanning from legal writing to core legal subject matter and a hands-on approach delivered in a student-centered, friendly format.

The online learning modules are well structured and paced. All throughout the course, there are ample opportunities to practice via online quizzes and discussion boards with high-quality encouraging feedback and “check-in” forums from the faculty. The LLM provides the perfect mix between academic learning and problem-solving training.

The program also offers students multiple occasions for intellectual interactions and peer reviews, creating a campus-like atmosphere that adds a real-life dimension to distance learning.

I particularly enjoyed the Economics for Lawyers course. I was surprised at how much this topic helped me understand the more subtle substrate of American judicial decisions, and societal nuances in general. It nudges legal practitioners to think about facts, claims, and remedies with a unique and differencing perspective.

Overall, enrolling in the U.S. Law LLM at GMU has been a positive and engaging learning experience. It has given way to confidence in my knowledge of legal rules and their application, and to the acquisition of useful life skills.”

Sara J., Ph.D., LLM* (U.S. Law), TEP, CFP Director, Wealth Planning | BMO Private Wealth

Aakansha Harvey

“I feel extremely grateful and honored to be a part of the U.S. Law Program at GMU Law School. Coming to the United States as an attorney from India, my only goal was to prepare my professional skills to take the bar exam and become an attorney in the U.S. Completing this program has been the most rewarding achievement and has brought me a step closer to my long-term career goals. The experience I have gained throughout the program has been impactful on me both as a student and an individual, especially with being surrounded by the most brilliant and accomplished law faculty instructors. Upon completion of the program, I was fortunate to land an internship with a prestigious law firm in Virginia. I am preparing to take the U.S. bar exam, and I already feel confident in myself with the wealth of knowledge and experience I have attained. I would recommend the U.S. Law LLM to all aspiring students who would like to broaden their knowledge of U.S. federal law, are planning to take a U.S. state bar exam, and who desire to improve their skills as an attorney.”

Aakansha Harvey, U.S. Law LLM Graduate 2019 Gilbert, Bird, Sharps & Robinson (GBSR) Attorneys

Dayana Montesino

“I am profoundly grateful that George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School has offered me the opportunity to pursue my dream, especially as a foreign attorney.

I completed the online LLM in U.S. Law in just one year. The asynchronous program allowed me to take my classes and complete my assignments when I had time, instead of being forced to follow a set schedule—a wonderful option for those who are able to stick to deadlines. I was able to work full-time during my school year, and I completed the academic requirements at my own pace. In addition, the interactive program is designed to allow students to directly communicate with the school’s excellent professors, as well as interact with peers from different countries. The LLM in U.S. Law was my first experience studying online, and although it requires hard work, consistency and sacrifice, I had plenty of support from my professors and from the law school during this incredible journey.

Antonin Scalia Law School has changed my life for the best. This program gave me strong fundamentals in U.S. Law and the required qualifications to take a U.S. bar exam.”

Dayana Montesino, U.S. Law LLM Graduate 2019