National Public Law School Alliance

Scalia Law has joined forces with more than 25 other public law schools across the country to form the National Public Law School Alliance.  The alliance gives our JD students the opportunity to interview with employers from coast to coast during the spring semester and for our alumni from all over the country to have new opportunities to expand their applicant pool.

The NPLSA coordinates virtual interviews at the end of February.  Students will interview for a variety of positions with employers across the country—small and large firms, public service organizations, government agencies, and in-house legal departments.  Opportunities exist for both summer positions and full-time permanent post-graduate positions.

For more information, students and employers can visit National Public Law School Alliance or contact Suzanne Mund, Assistant Dean for Career Counseling and Data Management.  Of course, alumni and all employers can always contact Scalia Law directly to post positions specifically for Scalia Law students or participate in on-site and virtual Scalia Law recruiting programs and fairs. For general employer information, visit