Exam Procedures and Policies

Exam Numbers

Each semester you are issued a new exam number that is to be written on all exam materials submitted for that semester only. Your exam number is uploaded to your ExamSoft Account.  Prior to your exam, access your ExamSoft account and print your one-page My Account Settings that contains your exam number. Instructions how to access your ExamSoft account are in the Exam Software Information and Registration Procedures document that has been provided separately.   The My Account Settings page can be accessed from the Setting icon in the upper right hand corner of the ExamSoft webpage. You will be permitted to bring only this single page into exam rooms. COPY YOUR EXAM NUMBER ONTO EACH EXAM OR OTHER EXAM MATERIALS YOU SUBMIT. YOUR EXAM NUMBER WILL BE PREPOPULATED ON ALL EXAMSOFT EXAMS YOU TAKE. It is extremely important that: (1) names or other identifying information are never written on exams or other exam materials; (2) exam numbers are copied correctly onto the exams and other exam materials; (3) exam numbers are not revealed to faculty or fellow students until after all grades for the semester are submitted. Retain your exam number for exam viewing purposes and to check on class participation awards. A new exam number will be uploaded to your ExamSoft account for the next semester.

Exam Reschedule/Conflict

Emergency rescheduling of an exam is approved only in cases of extraordinary circumstances (see Academic Regulation 4-4). Should you experience an emergency that prevents you from taking an exam, please contact the Law Records Office (703-993-8015), NOT the instructor, as soon as possible. By following this procedure, the Law Records Office will be able to assist you in seeking permission to reschedule your exam, as well as protect your anonymity during the grading process. Students who register for courses with exams at the same date/time or less than 24 hours apart have the option of moving one of the exams to the exam make-up days at the end of the exam period. You must notify the Law Records Office via a Petition Form of your specific conflict at least four weeks prior to the start of the exam period. A determination will be made three weeks prior to the start of the exam period on which exam will be rescheduled during the make-up period and on what date you will sit for the rescheduled exam. Your assigned make-exam date will be placed in your on-campus mailbox.

NOTE: It is extremely important that you do not discuss any exam in public or on social media. Students that have been granted a delay to the Make-up Exam period may be present without your knowledge and gain access or insight to exam information. Any request for or disclosure of exam information to a person who has a delayed exam schedule is a violation of the Honor Code.

In Class Exam Distribution

Students must check in and pick up a Room Assignment Card in the Record Office starting one hour before the start of the exam. Students should take their Room Assignment Card showing their assigned room and color-coded seating options and ExamSoft Exam Number print out to their designated exam room and choose an available color-coded seat. A proctor will distribute exams in each exam room shortly before the scheduled start of the exam to each student with a Room Assignment Card. Each student should prominently display their Room Assignment Card for the duration of the exam. Exams should remain face-down on your desk until told to begin the exam.

In Class Exam Collection

When you finish the exam, make certain that your exam number is written on the exam question booklet and any other materials you used (i.e. bluebooks/answer sheet/scratch paper). Return all examination materials including permitted scratch paper or note sheets in Closed Book exams and your Room Assignment Card to the Records Office. Your exam may not be graded if we do not have an exam with your exam number on it. When you turn in your exam and your Room Assignment Card to the Records Office, the proctor will check off your name on the class roster to indicate that you have returned your exam materials.

Take Home Exam Procedures

All Take Home exams must be picked up in the Records Office during the exam period, which does not extend to the make-up exam period. The first opportunity to pick up a Take Home exam is the first day of the exam period, and the last day to return a Take Home Exam is the last day of the exam period prior to the closure of the Records Office on that date. The hours that the Records Office is open during the exam period will be posted online and outside the Records Office. Instructors will provide you with the details as to the length of time you have to complete the exam, materials permitted or other procedural requirements. The exact time that you pick up a Take Home exam is recorded and that starts the time allotted to complete the exam. Completed exams must be returned to the Records Office within the time allotted and the return time is also recorded. Any late submissions are subject to grade deductions as determined by the instructor.

Take Home exams must be returned to the Records Office by email. The only email address used for return of completed Take Home exams is lawexams@gmu.edu. Do not include your name in the exam answer or in the name of the document. Take Home exams do not utilize ExamSoft or Examplify software. The name of the document file (either Word or PDF) and the subject line of the email should include COURSE NAME, INSTRUCTOR, EXAM NUMBER.

Classroom Restrictions

All cell phone use is prohibited from the start of an exam until time is called. Students who leave the designated exam room for any reason during an exam should put all exam materials face-down and/or hide your exam screen on laptops by using the “Hide” feature on ExamSoft. You are not permitted to take any examination materials outside the room, to use your cell phone, or to seek exam assistance in any way.  No materials beyond your exam, Room Assignment Card, laptop or bluebook, and ExamSoft Account Access page with your exam number are permitted to be on the desk during a Closed Book exam, and all other student belongings (books, backpacks, etc.) must be placed at the front of the classroom.  During Open Book exams, your instructor will specify what additional materials you may have on the desk during the exam (books, outlines, etc.).  Please play close attention to what materials are permitted during the exam. Instructors/proctors will be present in exam rooms periodically during each exam. Attempting to evade these or any other exam security measures is considered an Honor Code violation.

Room/Seat Designations

All work on exams must be conducted in the classroom at the color-coded seating option designated on your individual Room Assignment Card. Room Assignment Cards cannot be exchanged. Room and seating assignments are made on an individual basis and are non-transferrable. Attempting to evade these or any other exam security measures is considered an Honor Code violation.

Exam Time Restrictions

Each exam will have a specific time limitation. You must stop writing immediately at the designated exam end time as announced by the instructor/proctor. You are not permitted to fill in answers to multiple-choice questions after the designated exam end time so plan to complete this task within the allowed time limit. Laptop users should immediately exit ExamSoft. To continue writing or selecting multiple-choice answers is considered an Honor Code violation.

Use of Laptops for Essay and Multiple-Choice Exams

The Records Office website contains a list of exams allowing laptop use and instructions for downloading the exam file prior to the start of the laptop exam. You must follow the instructions available on the website. You should also take advantage of an ExamSoft instruction session offered prior to the start of exams as well as practice/mock tests. Multiple-choice exams are administered using Examplify. You will be able to place a checkmark next the letter that matches your answer choice. The “Next” and “Previous” arrows at the top of the screen permit you to move forward and backward, and the window on the left side of the screen will show you whether or not an answer has been selected for each multiple-choice question.

Bluebooks  and Multiple Choice Answer Sheets

Bluebooks or multiple choice answer sheets are provided by the school to those choosing to handwrite their exams.  They will also be available in the Records Office during the exam if a student experiences computer issues that necessitate switching to handwriting.

Exam Viewing

After all grades for all courses have been reported, the Faculty Secretaries will organize the exams turned in by professors and conduct exam viewing sessions. Some professors prefer to keep their exams and allow students to view them on an individual basis. Notification as to the dates and times for the viewing sessions will be provided.

Please see the Records Office website (www.law.gmu.edu/records/) for additional information, including answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” regarding exam procedures.  Please contact the Records Office at (703) 993-8015 with any questions.