See About the Library for complete information on Rules and Regulations in the library. The following is provided to better illustrate the library's policy regarding food and drinks.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: The Law Library strictly enforces the rules and regulations concerning the use of the library. Food is not permitted in the library, and drinks are permitted in covered containers only.

Consumption of food and/or drink is always prohibited in the computer labs. Do not drink or eat in the computer labs.

Following are pictures which illustrate examples of containers that are prohibited in the library.

Prohibited Containers:

Paper Cup Without LidOpen-top Coffee Mug

Among the list of prohibited containers are: open-top mugs, cans, cups without lids, bottles without screw-top caps, etc.

Remember: The unauthorized removal, mutilation, or abuse of library equipment or materials is prohibited; §§42.1-72 - 42.1-74 of the Code of Virginia provide penalties under law for destruction, mutilation and theft of library materials.