• Meet the Directors of Our Research & Policy Centers
    (published 09/11/2019)
  • Profile of the Fall 2019 Entering Class
    (published 08/30/2018)
  • Davidson to Serve as Deputy Dean for Strategic Initiatives
    (published 07/31/2019)
  • Meet Scalia Law Students Who Exemplify Our Motto: Learn. Challenge. Lead.
    (published 06/28/2019)
  • Celebrating the International School of Law’s 40th Anniversary at the U.S. Supreme Court
    (published 05/31/2019)
  • Gray Center Hosts Capitol Hill Conference on the Power of the Legislative Branch
    (published 05/31/2019)
  • M-VETS Assists Officer With Step-Parent Adoption
    (published 05/31/2019)
  • Professor Megan Stevenson Awarded 2019 Oliver E. Williamson Prize
    (published 05/29/2019)
  • Sean O’Connor Joins George Mason University’s Scalia Law Faculty
    (published 05/14/2019)
  • Scalia Law Class of 2019 Celebrates Graduation
    (published 05/18/2019)
  • Scalia Law Team Rocks Chicago, Breaks Law School Record
    (published 05/01/2019)
  • Global Antitrust Institute Wins Two Concurrences Antitrust Writing Awards
    (published 04/30/2019)
  • M-VETS Clinic Secures Compensation for Vietnam Veteran’s Spouse
    (published 04/30/2019)
  • Law & Economics Center Hosts Symposium on the Pharmaceutical Industry
    (published 04/30/2019)
  • Scalia Law School Hosts its First Scalia Forum
    (published 04/26/2019)
  • M-VETS Receives ABA Military Pro Bono Project Outstanding Services Award
    (published 03/29/2019)
  • CPIP Scholars Draft Issue Paper Calling for Deregulation of the Songwriting Business
    (published 03/29/2019)
  • Moot Court Team Reaches National Finals in ABA Appellate Advocacy Contest
    (published 03/29/2019)
  • George Mason’s Scalia Law School Congratulates Professor Neomi Rao on Her Confirmation to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
    (published 03/13/2019)
  • Antonin Scalia Law School Receives $50 Million: Largest Gift in George Mason History
    (published 03/07/2019)
  • Scalia Law Among Top Ten Schools for Competition Law
    (published 02/28/2019)
  • Scalia Law Centers Examine the Role of Administrative Law Judges
    (published 02/28/2019)
  • Antitrust Symposium Features FTC Commissioner and DOJ’s Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust
    (published 02/28/2019)
  • M-VETS Prevails in Securing Judgement for Veteran's Security Deposit
    (published 02/01/2019)
  • Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property Scholars Join Amicus Brief: Return Mail v. United States Postal Service
    (published 01/31/2019)
  • The Law & Economics Center Hosted 62 Prominent Judges for Judicial Education Program
    (published 01/31/2019)
  • Gray Center Looks at Trump Administration's Impact on the Courts and Administrative Law
    (published 01/07/2019)
  • Kelly McNamara Corley Speaks at George Mason University’s Winter Graduation
    (published 01/07/2019)
  • NSI/GMU Schar School Conference Examines How Authoritarian States Undermine the U.S. Judicial Process
    (published 01/07/2019)