The Civil Rights Law Journal is published bi-annually by a Board of Editors comprised of select students at Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University. Our goal is to provide informative commentary on issues pertaining to civil rights. We seek to publish work that examines American civil rights issues in a thought-provoking and innovative way, from inside and outside the academy.



  • Blake Pendelton, Editor-in-Chief
  • Lily Verbeck, Executive Editor
  • Vi Nguyen, Managing Editor
  • Tyler Shannon, Symposium & Articles Editor
  • Jessica Choate, Senior Articles Editor
  • Tom Dougherty, Senior Notes Editor
  • Michaela Mastroianni, Senior Research Editor
  • Nicole Johnson, Articles Editor
  • Dino Profili, Articles Editor
  • Andrew Carter, Notes Editor
  • Patti McChesney, Notes Editor
  • Walker Gray, Research Editor
  • Robert Westendorf, Research Editor
  • Faculty Advisor: Brandy Wagstaff