The National Security Law Journal (“NSLJ”) is a student-edited legal periodical published twice annually at Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia. We print timely, insightful scholarship on pressing matters that further the dynamic field of national security law, including topics relating to foreign affairs, intelligence, and national defense.



  • Hannah Harper, Editor-in-Chief
  • Lauren Farrar, Executive Editor
  • Nicolas Morales, Managing Editor
  • Gabe Dabin, External Relations Editor
  • Jonathan Moeller, Senior Articles Editor
  • John Wilson, Articles Selection Editor
  • Dara Finley, Senior Research Editor
  • Dilan Wickerema, Senior Notes Editor
  • Allison Siegel, Notes Editor
  • Kevin Bell, Notes Editor
  • Tino Giovanni, Notes Editor
  • Ryan Reynolds, Online Development Editor
  • Erin McCullough, Student Advisor
  • Bernard Horowitz, Student Advisor