The VBA Pro Bono Society is dedicated to promoting public service among the students and faculty of George Mason University. We aim to provide an arena where students can begin to explore the ABA-recognized responsibility to provide legal services for those unable to afford them. We believe that by giving back to our community, we uplift both the law and the legal profession and help to create a better future for ourselves and those that follow.

President: Laura Saracina 

Executive Vice President: Melanie Sandler 

Vice President Events: Ashley Post 

Treasurer: Chanel Urrutria 

Co-Outreach Coordinator: Natalie Branch 

Co-Outreach Coordinator: Brett Fulcer 

National Youth Justice Alliance Coordinator: Natalie Branch 

Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project Coordinator: Brett Fulcer 

Auction Coordinator: Lindsey Davis 

Auction Coordinator: Jacob Philipoom 

Marketing Coordinator: Robert Smith