George Mason's Trial Advocacy Association ("Trial Ad") provides students with opportunities to develop their trial practice skills and gain litigation experience, through simulated curricular and extra-curricular courtroom exercises. Trial Advocacy members compete in a number of trial competitions throughout the school year, and the Trial Advocacy Association hosts the national Costello Extramural Trial Advocacy Competition each Spring. Trial competitions simulate both civil and criminal trials involving issues ranging from medical malpractice to white-collar crime and homicide. To prepare for these competitions, students are trained to conduct many aspects of a jury trial, including motions in limine, opening statements, direct and cross examination, and closing arguments. Coupled with George Mason's excellent trial advocacy coursework, the association continues to be a valuable tool in preparing students to begin their careers as trial lawyers.



  • Brendan Kelly, President
  • Ruth Urquhart, Executive Vice President
  • Leigha Wentz, Vice President of Extramurals & Advocacy Skills
  • Jace Panebianco, Vice President of Costello
  • Natalie Jacobs, Vice President of Thacher
  • Jessica Choate, Vice President of Outreach
  • Andrew Carter, Vice President of Problem Writing
  • Patti McChesney, Vice President of Problem Writing
  • Faculty Advisor: Michael Davis