George Mason Law Review

The George Mason Law Review is a traditional student-edited law review. Academics, politicians, practicing attorneys and business leaders from across the country submit manuscripts for publication. The Board of Editors selects the submissions that will contribute the most to the academic literature or debate on a given issue. The board then works with the authors to edit and publish the articles. The George Mason Law Review provides students with the opportunity to develop excellent research, writing and editing skills. Students completing their first year of law school are eligible for membership by either superior academic performance or through the write-on competition.


  • Peter Tucker, Editor-in-Chief
  • Jacob Hooper, Executive Editor
  • JaKell Larson, Executive Editor
  • David Gabbay, Managing Editor
  • Emily Polinski, Production Editor
  • Mia Fehrenbach, Communications Editor
  • Andrew Ceonzo, Senior Forum Editor
  • Megan Banke, Forum Editor
  • Samuel Stoner, Symposium Editor
  • Savannah Griesinger, Senior Articles Editor
  • Caleb McClay, Senior Articles Editor
  • Alfonso Gamboa, Articles Editor
  • Susanna Goewey, Articles Editor
  • Seth Lucas, Articles Editor
  • John Russel, Articles Editor
  • Maeve O’Leary, Senior Notes Editor
  • Sharon Le, Notes Editor
  • Edward Linczer, Notes Editor
  • Adam Marks, Notes Editor
  • Madeline P. Smith, Notes Editor
  • Alex Cook, Senior Research Editor
  • Joseph Elkach, Research Editor
  • Tyler Livingston, Research Editor
  • Morgan Salvato, Research Editor
  • Jack Winslow, Research Editor
  • Faculty Advisor: Caroline Cecot and Robert Leider