The Journal of Law, Economics and Policy's mission is to publish and distribute four annual, innovative, thought-provoking journals on law, economics and policy. Founded in 2004, JLEP is a unique undertaking in that it is the first student-run journal of law and economics in legal academia. The journal serves as an outlet for the experience and interests of Scalia law students, including Levy Fellows, who are economics Ph.D.'s currently working on their JDs. Although student-edited, the journal is peer-reviewed, ensuring that the published articles are of the highest quality. JLEP looks for talented, dedicated members to drive its entrepreneurial spirit. Tasks members may be involved in include soliciting and identifying target articles, researching and editing, reviewing and incorporating comments from the peer-review process, publishing and distributing the journal, planning for and managing symposium tasks, subscriptions management, budget planning, and perpetuation planning. At the end of each spring semester, all Scalia Law 1D, 1E, and 2Es in good academic standing are eligible and are encouraged to apply.



Editor-in-Chief: Emily Yu 

Executive Editor: Brandon Howell

Managing Editor: Rebecca Jodidio

Publishing Editor: Chris Marchese

Senior Research Editor: Jack Brown

Senior Notes Editor: Casey Hunt

Senior Notes Editor: Taylor Kelly

Senior Articles Editor: Taylor Alexander

Senior Articles Editor: Connor Mosey

Submissions Editor: Katherine McKerrall